Mission: It is our mission at TUFF Empowerment to be a source of leadership, insiparation and creativity for the people and communities we serve.


Vision: Our vision for TUFF Empowerment is to inspire others through creativity and be a leading force for empowerment in the communities we serve.

Team TUFF is composed of professionals in social services, as well as educators, artists, mentors, and proud community members. This combination of leaders, plus our participation with various organizations, make a well rounded team of life coaches and create an environment of inspiration, empowerment, community, and awareness.

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In late 2015, the "i am T.U.F.F program" was written as an empowerment program intended for youth self-awareness. This program was initially developed to include an element of social awareness for MY TUFFSKIN Inc., which is a lifestyle brand that founder Alfred "AJ" Jaya started developing since late 2014. The program drew in quick interest from the treatment and recovery services world and grew unexpectedly, AJ recognized the need for a program like this and decided to focus and develop TUFF Empowerment, which became a reality in 2017. 

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