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The TUFF Cares Project

Our mission with "The TUFF Cares Project" is build a strong sense of community, spread awareness social issues and encourage volunteerism. 

The TUFF Cares Project is excited to participate with The Clean Streets Project for the third year in a row. We joined The Clean Streets Project in Spring 2016. In our second year of volunteering we offered to start and add a recycling portion on this amazing event, in hopes of raising environmental awareness.

It is our mission at TUFF Empowerment to be a source of leadership, inspiration and creativity for the people and communities we serve.

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Want to get involved and help us make the world TUFF? GREAT! We need all the help we can get, and we offer different ways to get involved. 

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TUFF Empowerment is composed of empowerment programs and community projects. Our Youth Empowerment Programs are enrichment programs offered to Middle and High School Aged Children, Our Change Your Mindset Programs are offered in Treatment Centers and Institutions for Rehabilitation. 

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